Kaurna Name: Tarndanya

Common Name: Adelaide

Refers to: Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute established in 1989, Victoria Square / Tarndanyangga, Torrens River / Tarndanya Parri (Williams 1840)

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Pronunciation tips:

Stress the 1st syllable.
The initial 't' is pronounced with the tongue between the teeth.
Pronounce the 'a' like in 'father'.
The 'rnd' indicates that the 'n' and 'd' should be pronounced with the tongue tip curled back.

Meaning: 'male red kangaroo rock'

Additional Notes:
Kaurna name for the site of Adelaide south of the River Torrens. One of the numerous quarries on the southern banks of the Torrens may well have destroyed the original rock formation known as Tarndanya.
"The plain south of the Torrens. deriv: [tarnda] kangaroo; also [tarnda] an ancestral being who taught them the art of cutting cicatrices on the bodies and was transformed into red kangaroo form. See also Tandanya". (Tindale)

Location: It refers to the city of Adelaide itself, the land south of the Torrens.
See also Tarndanyangga
See also Karrawirra Parri / Torrens River

Suburb: Adelaide

Language Notes:

When the compound is formed, the k in kanya is lost.


Teichelmann & Schurmann (1840) / ATLAS of SA 1986:107 /

Status: longstanding record but not shown on maps

Lat: -34.9283505, Long: 138.5999445